Psychotherapy in Washington DC

Life in Washington DC is fast-paced and hectic. Many times people do not take the time to take care of themselves and even ignore their own happiness. If your having a hard time managing your life, or any aspects of your life Psychotherapy can help.  It will enable you to identify problem areas of your life and look for lasting solutions to help you manage them more effectively.

Psychotherapy employs a range of techniques based on experiential relationship building, dialogue, communication and cognitive-behavioral change that are designed to improve the mental health of a client or patient, family, or couple. Psychotherapy has been shown to be extremely effective for helping people who suffer from depression, bipolar, anxiety, mood disorders, and eating disorders..

There are many forms of psychotherapy. Christina Hall is an expert in several forms including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and interpersonal therapy. Depending on the goals and situation, Christina will customize therapy sessions with the type of therapy that works best to increase her patients sense of well being and ability to cope with stressors. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps a person to understand their situation from a different point of view and puts the tools in their hands to be able to reevaluate situations in a healthier way. With interpersonal therapy, therapy centers around exploring the relationships in your life and making positive changes to improve them, thus increasing happiness.

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