Anger Management

Do you struggle with your inability to manage stressful moments?  Do your emotions make it difficult to work through a challenging situation?  Does your anger take over your ability to clearly think about a healthy way to work through a conflict? Does financial stress, relationship struggles, rude drivers, or poor customer service challenge your anger control?

Anger management psychotherapy can help you manage your emotions and help you create ways to better manage stress or angry emotions.

A trained counselor can use anger management psychotherapy to help their patients learn how to manage their anger more rationally. Through cognitive therapy, a therapist can help the patient discover the underlying causes of their anger and start to formulate strategies for redirecting or managing their anger utilizing acceptable boundaries. The therapist may instruct the patient to make use of relaxation techniques like meditation, mental imaging, or deep breathing in order to calm the physical effects of anger and to allow some time for more rational thoughts.
Another anger management aid is cognitive restructuring, in which the patient is taught to replace irrational and highly emotional thought processes with logical, rational ones. By being aware of his or her thinking during times of anger, then substituting the anger-driven thoughts with more logical ones, the patient can learn to restrain the physical and emotional processes that can cause anger to escalate beyond the point of control.

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